My approach is grounded in the belief that you can’t fix concerns like acne, wrinkles, laxity, dullness or hyperpigmentation if your skin barrier is compromised. Everything I do in the treatment room and how I educate you to take care of your skin at home centers around this belief. I focus on restoring and strengthening your skin from within. Esthetic Ritual aims to transform your skin with the most impactful treatments that address skin on the cellular level; slowing down the aging process and bringing your skin to new levels of vitality.

creating a beautiful balance between advanced treatment + an experience that recharges your soul and brings deeper connection. 


Welcome to my facial studio, which I lovingly designed to provide you with comfort and inspiration. Melt into my table as you are surrounded by warmth and art. I’m committed to creating a highly personalized experience where every facial is a ceremony, an intimate exchange of energy and intention.

facial studio in portland, oregon


As an esthetician deeply passionate about personal and professional growth, I envisioned a practice where customization isn't just an option, but a cornerstone. Breaking free from restrictive protocols and limited service menus, I set out to redefine the facial experience.

I aspired to be a tranquil retreat where clients can unwind, recharge, and feel deeply connected. It's not just about the skin; it's about touching lives and nurturing a deeper connection with each client.


i'm leslie roberts

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